Fukura Miyamoto

Fukura Miyamoto is one of the central protagonists and prominent characters in the anime, Mother Earth. He is a close friend of Ginta Daisuke's, which also stems off from Ginta allowing Fukura to stay with him until he is able to sort out his own life problems. Fukura's live is essentially his own representation of hell, as he has forced his himself into the outcast role. After Fukura meets Ginta, he slowly but steadily becomes a good friend to him, willing to put his life on the line to save him. Upon entering the DM Gang, Fukura becomes a regular member of the team. When the gang ventures into the past, Fukura's presence alters his own future, making him the reason as to why his parents murdered each other on the day of his birthday. Traumatized, Fukura had isolated himself, eventually giving up on life, along with removing nearly all of his emotions from his mind. Fukura's predicament with the past leads him to a life of depression and grief. With some support from his friends, Fukura has made it his sole goal to confront his past demons, and correct the error in history that is him being the reason for a great tragedy.

Anime ME Episode #1
Movie ME: N/A
Appears in Manga, Anime, Movies
Birthdate August 12, 1959
Gender Female
  • Part I: 12-13
  • Part II: 16
  • Human
  • Orion Town
Spellbound Telepathy/Telekinesis
Academy Grad. Age 12

  • Unamed Parents
  • Mobius (Future-Past Self)



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  • Kokorono riidaa (Mind Reader) - Fukura channels his Raiki through his brain, allowing him to read the thoughts and emotions of his opponents.

Battle RecordEdit

Mother EarthEdit

Carnival ManiacEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Freakshows (w/Ginta & Garrick) 4 Win
Sledge 14-15 Win

Dark MoonEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Aguma & Gomer 22-23 Unfinished
Aguma & Gomer 52-55 Win