Garrick Wheeler

Garrick "Rick" Jay Wheeler is the best friend of Ginta Daisuke, and one of the main characters in the anime, Mother Earth. He is a well-known delinquent like his fellow friend Ginta, and much prefers to be alone in solitude. Garrick grew to resent life as a whole when violence took away the only family he had. Garrick grew up in an orphanage, where he used to get beat up everyday, which eventually resulted in him toughening himself up for the real world. Garrick's trauma in the orphanage, along with his parents unfortunate demise is what lead him to a path of violence himself. He takes his anger and hatred out through the means of what he hates and fears the most, violence. Due to this, Garrick becomes greatly protective of those that he deems closest to him, even having himself become the Vessel of Embodiment to abolish the depression in everybody else's lives, except his own. Garrick's role in the DM Gang as second-in command is backed up by his close friendship to Ginta.

Anime ME Episode #3
Movie ME: N/A
Appears in Manga, Anime, Movies
Birthdate January 15, 1958
Gender Female
  • Part I: 14-15
  • Part II: 18
  • Eos: 19
  • Human
  • Orion Town
Spellbound Vessel Key Seal
Academy Grad. Age 14

  • Miroka Wheeler (Father)
  • Kura Wheeler (Mother)



Background InformationEdit



End of SummerEdit



  • Fusshoku (Dispel) - By focusing his Raiki into his Key necklace, Garrick can take the soul of his opponent.

Battle RecordEdit

Mother EarthEdit

Carnival ManiacEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Ginta Daisuke 3 Loss
Freakshows (w/Ginta & Fukura) 4 Win

Dark MoonEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Buo 49-50 Win
Rei Saito 57-59 Win
Psykosis 60-61 Loss


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