Ginta Daisuke

Ginta Daisuke is the self-proclaimed sole protector of Orion, and is the main protagonist of the anime, Mother Earth. He is a delinquent child who is forced to live a life of fighting. Due to an unexpected event involving the end of Maniac Al, owner of Carnival Maniac, Ginta befriends four other kids who eventually become his best friends. As a group, they have sworn to protect Orion from the dangers that come their way. Among his friends, Ginta has taken in Fukura Miyamoto as his permanent house guest. After awakening his special abilities due to the extensive exposure to the Dark Moon, Ginta was gifted with the Spellbound of Spiritual Energy. Ginta strives to reclaim the life that he once lost, having to grow up without a father figure around to support him. Eventually, Ginta becomes apart of the Darkness, forced to be consumed in an eternal spiral of depression and sorrow, until the end of time. Determined to balance the world, Ginta works hard to achieve his goal of restoring the natural order to the world, which involves collecting the dark power fragments of the Dark Moon. Due to this, Ginta is solely responsible for the creation of the DM Gang, becoming its official leader, and the only member to remain apart of the team for the entire series.

Anime ME Episode #1
Movie ME: N/A
Appears in Manga, Anime, Movies
Birthdate January 15, 1958
Gender Female
  • Part I: 13-14
  • Part II: 17
  • Eos: 18
  • Human
  • Orion Town
Spellbound Mother Earth
Academy Grad. Age 13




Background InformationEdit



End of SummerEdit



  • Wakusei no Shotto (Planet Shot) - A small burst of Spiritual and Physical Energy, in the shape of a bullet.

Battle RecordEdit

Mother EarthEdit

Carnival ManiacEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Street Gang 1 Win
Hammer 2 Unfinished
Garrick Wheeler 3 Win
Freakshows (w/Garrick & Fukura) 4 Win
Hammer 11-12 Win
Maniac Al 18-20 Win

Dark MoonEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Gomer 23-24 Unfinished
Crimson Gang 28 Win
Rashu Kinija 28-29 Loss
Katsanna 40-42 Win
Psykosis 62-65 Win