Mother Earth is an anime series created by Niko Tohomiko. The series follows thirteen year-old protagonist Ginta Daisuke, a delinquent junior high student who has commonly turned to a life of fighting to solve all of his problems as the sole protector of Orion. During a "Hit-Shot" run at an end of summer carnival, Ginta is forced to team up with four other kids as they stop the owner of Carnival Maniac himself! From then on, the five have grown close to each other, becoming a group known as, the DM Gang. After being exposed to the Dark Moon, the five of them are now targets, due to the high amount of energy levels that they have developed.

Main AntagonistsEdit

Arc Main Antagonist(s)
1 Maniac Al (Carnival Maniac)
2 Psykosis, Sento (Dark Moon)
3 Mai Deito (Forseer's)
4 Accursed Four (Four Lanterns)
5 Goulash Kanatsu (Reborned City)
6 Enel Kagura (Angel-Beasts Island)
7 Deathborn (Deathborn Assault)
8 Berserk, Koga Hamon, Tragoedia (Seven Paths of Prism)
9 Tragoedia/Relinquished (Rising Evil)

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

No. Title Original Air Date American Air Date
01 "Summer Day" October 12, 2009 November 22, 2011
With the sun starting to set, the end of the summer carnival is in town. With so many people having the time of their life, there is nobody who isn't happy in Orion. However, in an old alleyway near the carnival, Ginta Daisuke is confronted by a street gang. The leader tells him he'll pay with his dear life for trying to not give back what he owes. As the gang attacks, Ginta swiftly makes short work of them. Not wanting to be seen, he makes his way to the carnival, where he walks around for a bit. When Ginta walks upon a boy standing by a rollercoaster, he decides to go talk to him. As he confronts the boy, the boy stares at him with a look so cold, it causes Ginta to get a chill. As Ginta tries to talk to him, the boy doesn't answer. Angered, Ginta punches the kid in the face, knocking him down. Ginta asks what's the problem, but the kid still doesn't answer. Before Ginta can continue, he grabs the boy and hides under a nearby bench. They spot some shady individuals talking about their plan to brainwash civillians.
02 "Dark Secrets: Dark Carnival Revelations" October 19, 2009 November 22, 2011
Both Ginta and the boy observe two freakshows talking to each other, explaining the time and place to begin the extraction plan. As they head off, Ginta wonders what the hell is going on. He goes off to try and stop this, but takes the boy along with him as he'll be of some use. As they reach the main area of the carnival, Ginta tries to find anything suspicious in the vicinity. As Ginta finds a suspicious individual sneaking into the main circus tent, he goes after him, telling the boy to stay here. As he goes off looking for the man, he ends up finding nobody. Paranoid, Ginta realizes he's being watched. A moment later, Ginta jumps away, narrowly avoiding being split in two by the axe of a muscular clown-like human. Shocked, Ginta tells him to prepare to die, causing the man to get angry. The man runs at Ginta, who pulls out his bat from his backpack. As the two charge at the other, they collide their weapons, causing a spark so intense, it temporarily blinds Ginta. When Ginta can see again, he finds the man missing, nowhere in sight...
03 "Meet Garrick Wheeler..." October 26, 2009 November 22, 2011

With the two nowehre closer to finding out the goals behind the "Extraction Plan" that the freaks where talking about, Ginta leads them to a bench by the snackbar. As Ginta gets the boy and him a hotdog, he asks the boy what is his name. After sitting for a thirty minutes, the boy tells him his name is Fukura Miyamoto, and he came to the carnival as a "favor" to his parents. Confused, Ginta asks what is he talking about, but Fukura doesn't answer. A moment later, they witness a boy harassing the employees because they gave him the wrong meal. As the boy prepares to beat up the employees, Ginta grabs his arm, telling him he doesn't approve of violence, unless he's the one causing it. The guy pushes Ginta away, warning to stay away from him. He realizes that Ginta is the delinquent from his school, and tells him his name is Garrick Wheeler. Surprised, Ginta tells him to stop, otherwise he'll have to make him.

Wanting to fight Ginta, Garrick punches him, knocking him to a table. As Ginta gets up, the two have a brawl, with Fukura watching the battle. As Ginta and Garrick begin trading punches, Fukura takes notice of a Freak walking off through a path. As Fukura calls out to Ginta, the latter subdues Garrick with a super punch to the gut. Ginta asks Fukura what does he want, and Fukura tells him what he saw. Shocked, Ginta tells Fukura to follow him, with Garrick telling him that they aren't finished yet. As Ginta and Fukura follow the path, they find the Freak, asking him what is the Extraction Plan. As the Freak laughs, Garrick shows up. Before Garrick can connect with his punch, he freezes in fear at the sight of a horde of Freaks prepared to kill the three.

04 "Attack of the Circus Freakshows!" November 2, 2009 November 22, 2011
Garrick asks Ginta why would he call back up just to fight one person. Ginta replies that he has no clue what he's talking about. As the Freaks attack, Ginta and Garrick proceed to fight the Freaks, struggling to land a hit on them, due to their enhanced speed and agility. As they begin to be overwhelmed, Fukura is being beaten up, due to not fighting back. As Ginta and Garrick eventually take the advantage, Ginta tells Fukura that he has to fight back, if he wants to live. Despite this, Fukura continues to let the Freaks beat down on him. As Garrick kicks one off of Fukura, he tells Fukura to actually fight or get lost. Ginta throws Garrick to the ground, offering to help Fukura. Shocked, Fukura accepts his help. As a Freak attacks Fukura, he turns around and karate chops it. As the three manages to defeat the Freaks, they limp off to the bathroom, where they try discusing the bizarre event that just transpired. As they leave, a Freak tells them that their master, the Maniac is watching them, and that come dusk, their plan shall begin. As Garrick steps on the Freak's head, they head to the bathroom. While in there, they try to figure out the best course of action. Meanwhile, the Maniac tells Sledge and Hammer to go find the squad of Freaks he sent to retrieve the materials needed for the Extraction Plan!
05 "Terror in the Dark: The Sledge Brothers" November 9, 2009
With Carnival Maniac soon coming to a closing for the day, Ginta realizes that this is his chance to figure out what's really going on. As the carnival is preparing to shut down, Ginta and co. heads off to find the main area. When they arrive there, an employee direct them out of the carnival. Garrick however threatens him, causing the guy to let them pass. As the three going looking for some substantial clue, Fukura stumbles upon two clown-like men. As the men kidnap Fukura, Ginta and Garrick hear footsteps, turning around. As they see two men run off with Fukura, they go chasing after them. Garrick says he'll stick with Ginta for awhile, saying he enjoys a good adventure. Ginta tells him to not get too comfortable, as once this is all said and done, they'll never have to see each other ever again. As they continue to search for Fukura, they find him tied up to the merry-go-round. As the two try to untie Fukura, they are confronted by the two clown men.
06 "Dark Carnival of Horrors" November 16, 2009
Ginta recognizes one of the clown men, asking who are they. The older one introduces himself as Sledge, and says the one Ginta met is his younger brother, Hammer. He explains to the three that they have no business being here, and should leave before the everyone has left from the carnival. Garrick asks why is that, and Hammer replies that they won't live through the night if they remain here. Garrick asks them who's going to ensure that, and they both say the Maniac. Shocked, the three leave the carnival, with Ginta realizing that they need a plan. Ginta tells Fukura he'll be back for him, telling him to stand in front of the entrance until he returns. Garrick tells Ginta he'll return as well. As Fukura stands there, a day passes by without the two returning. Once the night comes again, Ginta and Garrick show up, explaining that they were preparing to sneak into the carnival. Ginta asks Fukura if he really waited there for an entire day for them to come back. Fukura nods his head, indicating that it is true. As the three sneak into the carnival, they discover another person who has sneaked in as well.
07 "Return: Nightmare Horrors" November 23, 2009
Garrick calls out to the person, but they don't answer. As he starts walking towards them, the person begins running in the other direction, with the three following close behind. Eventually, they arrive to the King Maniac coaster station, where they corner the person. As they interrogate the person, they are shocked to find out that it is Kitomi Tsuruni, from their school. Surprised, she wonders what are the two biggest delinquents doing at the carnival after dark. Ginta tells her that they were wondering the same thing. She confesses that she's here to meet somebody. A second later, another person walks up to them, revealed to be Enki Gouya, who's been wondering where Kitomi was. She tells him she was coming, until the Ginta and co. stopped her. Not caring, Enki begins to crush her arm. Ginta and Garrick stop him, asking Enki if he treats all girls like that. Shocked, Enki asks Kitomi if she called on them. Kitomi says that before today, she never even talked to them. Ginta says that is probably true for all of them. As Ginta prepares to head off with Fukura, they hear a spooky sound coming from a photo booth. As the five are hesitant to check it out, Ginta decides to go, calling the others wimps.
08 "Dark Reveal: Maniac Al's Plan!!" November 30, 2009
As Ginta checks the photo booth, he stumbles upon a few animals. However, when he looks behind the booth, he finds a Freak eating the squirrels. Shocked, he knees it in the stomach, demanding it tells him what is the Maniac's "Extraction Plan." The Freak laughs maniacally, telling Ginta the Extraction Plan involves extracting the living brains from every civillian in Orion, so that the Master may finally get his food, as he is currently dying. Shocked, Ginta asks him where in the carnival is this being held. The Freak refuses to answer and then screams. Ginta asks what did he do, and he tells him that the Freakshows are coming. Kitomi warns Ginta, and he asks why. As Ginta turns around, a giant horde of Freakshows arrive, frightening the group. Garrick and Enki are determined to fight, but Kitomi advises that they don't. As all of the Freaks attack, the group gets overwhelmed, and are taken captive and knocked out. When Kitomi wakes up, she wonders where are they. A strange voice tells them they're in his wonderland. The Maniac reveals himself as Maniac Al, director and owner of Carnival Maniac. As he explains his plan to the children, Garrick discovers Ginta isn't with them...
09 "Stalking the Prey..." December 7, 2009
Overhearing what Garrick said, Maniac Al asks the Freakshows if they rounded up everyone. They reply that they were sure they got everyone. Enki however says that they somehow didn't get Ginta, saying he's freely roaming around the carnival. Angered, Maniac Al orders them to go out and Ginta, and not to fail. He then tells Hammer to go out as reinforcements, while telling Sledge to "break" the children, as they'll be his test subjects. Meanwhile, Ginta is around the zoo section, where he wonders where did the Maniac get all these kinds of animals. As Ginta makes his way to the rides section, he discovers that he's being watched. As he continues to try and find out any clues to the Maniac's plan, he hears several ominous voices, telling him to turnback.
10 "Truce" December 14, 2009 March 4, 2012
Ginta calls out to whoever's talking to him. When he gets no answer back, he makes his way to the House of Mirrors, where a shadey figure follow him in, locking the door. Meanwhile, Sledge prepares to "Break" Garrick and Enki first. As he does so, Kitomi tries to find a way out of the shackles. Fukura suggests that one of them distract Sledge, while the other one helps get them free. Kitomi says they all will have to make a truce, until this is all over. Agreeing to the truce, Enki and Garrick kick Sledge, forcing him to drop them. As Enki goes over to get Kitomi and Fukura free, Garrick goes running off to the Maniac Coaster, where Sledge follows close behind. Back at the House of Mirrors, Ginta realizes that he's being followed, and stares in the mirrors. When the lights flicker off, Ginta gets in a defensive stance, wondering where is his follower. As footsteps grow louder, the light begins to flicker. When the lights remain on, Ginta turns around, to find a scary face of the maniacal clown he had fought a few days ago.
11 "Brawl at a Carnival: Hammer Strikes!" December 21, 2009 March 10, 2012
Ginta tells Hammer that he's itching to finish they started a few days ago. Hammer smiles, pulling out his hammer, charging Ginta. As Ginta avoids Hammer's smash, Hammer grabs his leg and throws him to a mirror, shattering it. As Ginta gets up, Hammer kicks him to another mirror. Ginta wonders how Hammer got so much better, and Hammer tells him he never intended to kill him in their first fight. Shocked, Ginta realizes that Hammer was toying with him before. As Hammer slowly walks towards Ginta, Ginta realizes he might be in trouble. Meanwhile, as Enki still struggles to get the two out, Garrick is being chased by Sledge all around the Maniac Coaster. Noticing something wrong, Maniac Al sends for some of his Freakshows to attack Enki. As they do, Enki is being overwhelmed, unable to fight off this many Freaks. With everyone struggling with their own problem, Maniac Al completes his contraption, declaring that he may test his first victim, and finally preserve his own life. Maniac Al then begins to laugh evilly, realizing his plan has come to fruition.
12 "Fearful Tension: Death of a Clown" January 4, 2010 March 13,2012
With Enki being overwhelmed, Kitomi and Fukura try to think of another plan, before Enki is killed. A Ginta tries his best to counter Hammer, but to no avail. As Hammer continues to pressure him, Ginta realizes he'll have to outsmart him to win. As Ginta goes running around the Mirror Maze Room, Hammer realizes his trick. Hammer begins smashing through all of the mirrors, until there are no more. However, Ginta tells him that only an idiot would have seriously done that. Hammer asks why, and Ginta uses his Bat and smashes a nearby mirror, causing the shards of glass to land in Hammer's eyes. Afterwards, Ginta kicks Hammer in the stomach and then knocks the mirrors over, causing a domino effect. This results in Hammer being crushed, causing him to cry out in pain. Ginta then cracks Hammer's head with his bat, effectively killing him. Needing to find a way out, Ginta searches through every pathway, but with no luck. Sledge starts jabbing at Garrick, inflicting tons of pain on him. As Garrick reaches the climax of the Maniac Coaster, he realizes that'll be his only chance to get rid of Sledge for good!
13 "Nightime: Surrounded by Evil..." January 11, 2010
Garrick continues to run up the coaster, being closely followed by Sledge. A Freak turns on the machine, causing the coaster to go initiate. As Enki continues to get mobbed, Fukura manages to trick the Freakshows into letting them go. Once free, Kitomi tells Fukura to go help Garrick, as she'll stick with Enki. As Kitomi knocks away the Freakshows, protecting Enki, he begins to re-evaluate his opinion on her, wondering if he had been treating her poorly. As Garrick nearly reaches the top of the coaster, he is terrified when he finds the rollercoaster coming towards him. Garrick narrowly jumps over the coaster, to where he apparently succeeds in killing Sledge. A moment later, Sledge tackles Garrick, preparing to kill him. Before Sledge can connect with his strike, Fukura stops him, telling him to fight him if he wants to get to Garrick. Eventually, Ginta manages to bust his way out of the House of Mirrors, not taking a second look behind him. Eager to find the Maniac, he hears noises coming from the rides section and races towards there.
14 "Flame of Anger" January 18, 2010
Sledge tells Fukura he should prepare himself to be murdered right on top of a rollercoaster. Fukura stares at Sledge, provoking the brute to attack him. As Sledge charges, Fukura simply uses Sledge's strength against him, taking advantage in the fight. Impressed, Garrick gives Fukura his respect. As Fukura continues to anger Sledge, the latter tries using his hammer to break the coaster. Ginta reaches the rides, and spots several Freaks guarding the Maniac Coaster. As Ginta rams right through them, he is shocked to find Fukura and Garrick with Sledge. Ginta warns Fukura about Sledge, saying that he was barely able to defeat his brother, who ended up dying in the House of Mirrors. Hearing this, Sledge falls into a stage of blind anger, rampaging throughout the entire coaster. As Garrick safely jumps to the ground, Ginta asks where is Fukura. As the two look up at the disjointed coaster, they realize that Sledge is choking Fukura. As the two prepare to help Fukura, the Freakshows show up to make sure that they do not stop Sledge.
15 "Fukura's Gamble!" January 25, 2010
With the Freaks holding Ginta and Garrick, they hope Fukura can manage a win, before the rollercoaster comes crashing down. As Sledge chokes Fukura, he tells him he'll kill all who have wronged Maniac Al. Sledge throws Fukura towards the incoming coaster, causing Fukura to quickly jump, landing in the coaster. Fukura provokes Sledge, increasing his anger. Ginta questions what is Fukura doing, and Garrick tells him that Fukura is intending to get Sledge riled up. As Fukura continues to increase Sledge's anger, Sledge outrages on the entire coaster, causing it to collapse. With Fukura nowhere to be found, the two push the Freakshows off of them, and try searching for him. When the two manage to find Fukura, he is sustaining severe injuries, depending on the area of the wound. As Ginta goes to take Fukura to the infirmary room, he tells Garrick to go find the other two and help them out. He says they will all regroup and think of strategy, to finally dispose of Carnival Maniac for good. As the two head off their own ways, Maniac Al wakes up from his sleep, shocked that neither Sledge or Hammer have returned. He then observes Enki and Kitomi thrashing the Freakshows.
16 "Freakshow" February 1, 2010
As Enki and Kitomi begin killing the Freakshows, Maniac Al becomes furious. He decides to set up a trap, setting up the Extraction Machine. As Enki and Kitomi finish off the Freaks, they high-five one another, realizing that they make a good team. As they prepare to leave, they step in a dark circle, paralyzing them, and chaining them up again. When Garrick arrives, he wonders what happened to them. Both Kitomi and Enki try their best to warn him to escape while he has the chance, but cannot as their mouths are paralyzed as well. Confused, Garrick turns around, to where he gets knocked out by Maniac Al. When Garrick wakes up, he is strapped to the Extraction Machine as Maniac Al's first victim, and test subject. Shocked, he tries his best to escape. Maniac Al explains to him that he cannot escape due to the effects of his paralysis. He tells them that their last member has abandoned them, never to return. Garrick doesn't believe it, but Maniac Al manipulates them into believing so. As he begins the extraction, he prepares to feed on the three's brains...
17 "Starlight Shine" February 8, 2010
With the three's brains being extracted, Maniac Al laughs maniacally, realizing that he will finally preserve himself. Meanwhile, Ginta is carrying an injured Fukura to the infirmary room. When they arrive there, they sneak pass the remaining Freaks. As Ginta tells Fukura to rest up here, Fukura tells him that he is fine. Ginta tells him that he doesn't want Fukura's fragile self being shattered. As Ginta goes off to find the others, the Freaks discover Fukura's presence. When they find Fukura, he appears to be comatose. As Ginta goes racing off, he stops when he discovers an ominous green light emitting from the main circus tent. As he goes after it, he is horrified to find the others having their brains extracted. As he uses his bat to jam the controls, Ginta temporarily stops the process. Angered, Maniac Al reveals himself, telling Ginta that he will see to it that he ends his life the proper way. Ginta tells the others that he'll help them as soon as he deals with the Joker-knock off. Ginta notices that the others have had their emotions desensitized, and he asks Maniac Al what he did to them. The clown replies that he simply stabilized their darkest fears into their mindset, as long as their trapped into the machine. Realizing what he must do, Ginta challenges Maniac Al for their freedom, declaring winner takes all!
18 "Confrontation!!" February 15, 2010 
As Ginta runs at Maniac Al, the guy tells him that he's no ordinary human. As Ginta jumps to punch him, Maniac Al throws a chair at him, knocking him outside. As Maniac Al follows close behind, Ginta sneaks up on him, kicking him to the ground. Ginta asks Maniac Al if he's good at playing follow the leader, heading off to water park section of the carnival. As Maniac Al searches for Ginta, he tells him that if he comes out now, he'll promise to keep his brain as a trophy. Ginta sarcastically tells him it would be an honor to be owned by the world's most maniacal humanoid. As Ginta jumps out, Maniac Al sidesteps, causing Ginta to fall into the water. Maniac Al infects the water with a viral liquid, which will spread to Ginta, causing his body to decay within seconds. As it seems that Ginta is defeated, Maniac Al prepares to head back tot he main tent and continue the extraction.
19 "Ginta vs. Maniac: Death Match" February 22, 2010
As Maniac Al starts towards the main tent, Ginta comes out through a tunnel, and bursts from the ground, revealing to Maniac Al that he had escaped the water before he infected it. Surprised, Maniac Al compliments Ginta's resourceful thinking. Ginta thanks him, and then tells him to prepare to get the snot beaten out of him. As the two fight, Ginta is shocked that Maniac Al can fight so well against him. The latter admits that he had been drugging himself. Shocked, Ginta leaves himself open for Maniac Al's sucker punch to the stomach, subduing him. As Ginta drops to his knees in pain, Maniac Al gets a crowbar, he starts beating Ginta senseless. As Ginta forces himself up, he has Maniac Al chase him around the water park. As Maniac Al continues to miss, he then throws the crowbar, fracturing Ginta's leg. With Ginta unable to move, Maniac Al prepares to strangle him to death. Ginta tells him he should have payed attention more. Confused, Maniac Al asks why. Ginta punches one of the water slides, setting off a chain reaction!
20 "The End of Summer..." March 1, 2010
As the water slide begins to shake, all of them begin to fall apart, on account of Maniac Al smashing most of them. As they all collapse on the two, only Ginta crawls out. With the sun beginning to rise, Ginta goes crawling and finds that Fukura has come to help him. As Fukura carries Ginta to the main tent, he tells him of how he disposed of the Freaks. When they get to the main tent, the two set the others free. Shocked, the three congratulate Ginta on his victory. Garrick says school starts in two days, and that summer is about over. With all of them preparing to get ready for school, Fukura is depressed as he doesn't have a home to go to or school to attend. Noticing this, Ginta offers Fukura to stay with him until he can sort out his own problems. As they all agree to meet up on the first day, everyone goes home. At Ginta's home, Ginta manages to convince his mother to let Fukura stay, as well as get him to enroll in his school. As the two start walking out at 8:30 on a Sunday night, Ginta wonders if he'll ever get the same excitement he did from fighting Maniac Al. Fukura assures him that anything is possible.
21 "First Day" March 8, 2010
With Ginta dreaming of the whole Carnival Maniac incident, his mother barely manages to wake him up. She tells him that if he doesn't leave in the next two minutes, he'll be late to school. Shocked, Ginta hastily gets dressed. As he asks Fukura why he slept in his same clothes, Fukura replies that he didn't sleep. As they arrive, they meet up with the other three. As the five walk down the hall together, most of the students are frozen in fear at the sight of Ginta. Ginta then realizes that his whole school sees him as nothing but a troublesome delinquent. Teachers sarcastically welcome Ginta back, telling him they know for sure he'll be expelled in no time. As all students find out their schedules, the main group goes off to their classes. When free time comes, the five meet up at the jungle-gym, discussing the incident that took place just a week ago. After some discussing, they decide they need to stay close to one another, as they're the only ones who know of this event. Kitomi suggests that they keep the secret just between each other. As the other four agree to this, a group of shady individuals are closesly listening to their conversation.
22 "Masks: Presence of a Dark Force" March 15, 2010

With the kids at Orion Town School going through their regular days, Ginta finds his life being the epitome of boring. Both Enki and Garrick mock him, telling him he'll have to learn to deal with it. Ginta tells them that fighting is his true passion, saying grades isn't his forte. As Ginta shows them his D- for History, Kitomi tells him he just isn't enthusiastic about academics. As Kitomi makes a study plan with Ginta, the bell rings. As they all tell Fukura to meet up with them at the end of the day, he goes through his classes. Unbeknownst to Fukura, two students by the names of Morikawa Ichisoka and Makoto Kirugen are trying to befriend him due to how popular and "different' he is to everyone, as well as somehow being able to befriend Ginta Daisuke.

As they follow him around, eventually when it's the end of the day, they meet Fukura outside in the schoolyard's back entrance. However, unknown to any of them, they were being watched and followed all day by two shady individuals. As Ginta and co. wait on Fukura, the two shady individuals make themselves known. Shocked, Fukura tells the other two to stay behind him. As the two shady individuals confront Fukura, they ask him about the incident involving the Carnival. Shocked, Fukura refuses to answer. The bigger guy elbows Fukura to the ground. As Fukura gets up, he prepares to fight the two. Meanwhile, a mysterious light illuminates from what appears to be the moon. As one of the guys attack, Fukura defends Morikawa and Makoto at all costs.

23 "Enter the Dark Moon!!" March 22, 2010
Overwhelmed, Fukura begins to feel the pressure of the two mysterious individuals. Starting to get worried, the four begin looking through the nearly empty school for Fukura. Eventually, Ginta spots Fukura outside from the back of the schoolyard. As they all race outside, they witness Fukura go through a slight change as he counters both Gomer and Aguma. However, Aguma knocks Fukura down and prepares to step on him until Ginta steps in. Ginta tells Garrick, Kitomi and Enki to get Morikawa, Makoto and Fukura to safety, and says he'll deal with the two men dressed in black. As Ginta removes his jacket, he pulls out his bat and charges at Gomer. As Ginta fights Gomer, Gomer reveals to be a fighter on a totally different level from all of Ginta's former opponents. Eventually, Ginta swings his bat so hard, it twists Gomer's head. However, Gomer adjusts his head back to normal, shocking all of the students. As a teach eyes people still at the school, they go down immediately to see what the commotion is about. As Gomer attacks Ginta, he proves to be too much for even him as well!!
24 "The Darkness in the Shadows!" March 29, 2010

As Ginta is being pummeled, he eventually kicks Gomer, finally punching him in the ribs so hard, they crack. A second later, Gomer's ribs are fixed, causing Ginta to question this. As it begins to rain, everyone notices that it is Black Rain. Ginta asks what is this, and Aguma explains that Black Rain only comes from the power of the Dark Moon. Garrick asks what the Dark Moon is, and Aguma replies it is a lunar energy source that has taken root in the atmosphere of Earth over thousands of years ago. He also explains that it only show itself whenever a strong force of Reiki and Energy are being gathered at an insane level. Aguma says that's where the concept of Spellbounds come into play, saying Gomer's ability to fix his body is a portion of his Spellbound.

With a teach coming, Aguma and Gomer make their escape, planning to get back at the kids. As a teacher arrives, he is shocked to see Fukura injured, and Ginta with a baseball bat. As Ginta heads home, his mother scolds him for being out so late afterschool, and even worse, getting into a fight. As Ginta tries to explain to her, she says that he swore not to fight again. As Fukura walks in, Asuko is horrified to find that he has wounds, asking Ginta if he got Fukura caught in a fight. Ginta tells her he protected Fukura, and he tells Asuko Ginta is telling the truth. Asuko says it doesn't matter as tomorrow she has to go in to see the principal to discuss Ginta's future plans at the school.

25 "Ginta's Dilemma" April 12, 2010
The next day, all of Ginta's friends, and several students and teachers are standing outside of the principal's office, listening to the conversation. As the principal brings up Ginta and his past as a "thug," he says that he can't endanger the safety of the enviornment for other kids. As Asuko agrees, she asks what is going to happen to Ginta. Principal Dasuno says that if Ginta is caught fighting once more, he will be asked to leave this school forever. With everyone listening, Kitomi asks what are they going to do, and Garrick says he has no clue. Several of the teachers all smile evilly, saying that this is their big chance to get the troublemaking punk expelled.  As Ginta continues his day at school, his friends try to comfort him. Meanwhile, many of the teachers get in contact with Rashu Kinija, telling him to make sure that Ginta is expelled. He asks how so, and they explain that he should kidnap some of Ginta's friends, and force him into a position to fight. Rashu asks can he get back up if needed, and they tell him to do anything necessary, as long as it will get the job done. Rashu smiles, contacting his old gang...
26 "The Kidnapping: Crimson Gang Revival" April 19, 2010
With the end of the day coming again, Ginta tells his friends that he has to stay late and talk with Dasuno some more about what he can do to better himself at the school. As he tells them all to go home, he warns Fukura to watch out for strangers. As they all go their separate ways home, Rashu has his gang members go after one of Ginta's friends. After sometime of coatting Fukura, Rashu's gang makes their move, managing to kidnap Fukura. Meanwhile, Dasuno explains to Ginta that he has seen his grades, and his scores on tests. Ginta asks what's his point, and Dasuno says they don't add up. He says a "slacker" like him shouldn't be getting low grades and failing regional tests when he aces all of the practice tests and written exams. Ginta asks him what is he getting at, and Dasuno says that he knows he is a genius, but he just doesn't take advantage of it. After their conversation, Ginta begins to walk home, but senses danger. As it begins to rain, he hurries home, to where his mother asks where Fukura is. Ginta asks her if he ever came home, and she says no. As Ginta walks outside, he finds a note by the door. After reading it, Ginta gets furious, running out in the rain, with Asuko telling him not to go out and fight right after the conversation he had with his principal.
27 "Showdown at Warehouse Thirteen!!" April 26, 2010
As Ginta runs out into the rain, he says whoever kidnapped Fukura is going to get their ass whooped by him, a thousand times over. As Ginta makes his way to the docks, he searches for Warehouse 13. When he arrives there, he enters into a dark warehouse. As the lights flicker on, the door closes shut, and the Crimson Gang emerges from the shadows. A strange voice welcomes Ginta, telling him that he has Fukura, but will only get him back if he defeats his gang. As Ginta prepares to take on the gang, several of the teachers are on a secret room, preparing to videotape Ginta's fight, so that they may finally get rid of him. Ginta warns the gang members, that he's in a crappy mood, and he won't show any mercy. As the gang charges Ginta, Rashu checks up on a semi-conscious Fukura, who has been beaten up to keep from moving or trying to escape. As Ginta attacks the gang, he runs at them, with the full intent on killing.
28 "Entangled Trap: Ginta's Vow" May 3, 2010
As Ginta thrashes the Crimson Gang, the teachers are getting all of the footage of Ginta's brawl. As Ginta finishes off the Crimson Gang, he then confronts Rashu, who threatens to kill Fukura if he dares to fight. As Ginta eyes Fukura, he realizes that his fighting is what got Fukura into this. As Rashu punches Ginta, he slightly stumbles back, promising not to fight back anymore, for Fukura's sake. Rashu calls Ginta soft, thrashing him with a barrage of punches. As Ginta is being pummeled, an injured Fukura looks up at him, realizing that Ginta won't fight back, due to his involvement in all of this. As the teachers sneak out of the warehouse, they all go racing back to the school to inform Principal Dasuno. With Ginta continuing to get thrashed by Rashu, Rashu tells him he if begs for his life on his knees, he will forgive him. Ginta tells him to quit wasting his time, and make himself useful by punching himself in the mouth. Rashu asks why, and Ginta says the sound of Rashu's own voice hurts more than his punches. Angered, Rashu punches Ginta in the gut, causing him to crash into a row of crates.
29 "Beat Down: No Hold Bard" May 10, 2010
Ginta barely manages to get up, but only to be thrown to another row of crates. Rashu laughs, asking Ginta if he really thought he'd let him escape. As Rashu continues to beat down on Ginta, Ginta looks at Fukura, smiling. Fukura can tell that Ginta is determined not to fight back, shocked that anybody would go to such lengths just for him. As Ginta eventually gets beaten into submission, he drops to the ground, with Rashu surprised that it took that long to put him down. As Rashu leaves the warehouse, he locks the door and sets the warehouse to flames. With the warehouse on fire, Fukura barely manages to rescue Ginta, managing to escape through the room that the teachers did. Two days later, Ginta awakens, wondering where is he. Fukura tells him he's in his bedroom. Ginta asks Fukura if he was the one who helped him during the fire, and Fukura sits beside him, motionless. Ginta realizes Fukura saved him, and wonders what day is it. When he looks on the calender, he forces himself out of bed, and the two go walking to school. On their way, Ginta reflects upon his conversation with Dasuno, and the event that took place two days ago. As the two reach the school, Ginta tells Fukura to head to class, saying that there's something he must do.
30 "Expulsion..." May 17, 2010
As Ginta walks through the hallway, all of the students are frozen in fear. Ginta notices they seem more scared than usual, and makes his way to the principal's office. Once there, Ginta confesses that he has been fighting, and that he must request that  he be removed from the school. Surprised, Dasuno tells Ginta that this morning a video came in with him fighting a bunch of gang members. Shocked, Ginta wonders how'd that happen, and he believes Rashu managed to do it somehow. As Dasuno informs Asuko through phone of the unfortunate news, he asks that Ginta gathers his belongings and leave the school's premises. As Ginta is departing, he bids his final farewells to his friends. As students begin to talk badly about him, Kitomi tries her best to defend Ginta. Eventually, Ginta is walking down the hallway leading to the exit. As he walks down the hall, all of the teachers are there, snickering at him, making snide remarks. Realizing what's up, Ginta tells them they're going to pay for setting him. He tells them that their biggest mistake was getting Fukura involved in this mess. As Ginta grabs Mr. Hioshi by the neck, he slams him to a wall and throws a fist at him. With everyone watching, Ginta punches through the wall. As Ginta drops Mr. Hioshi, he takes his belongings and leaves the school, for good...
31 "Spiral of Grief: The Dark Moon Returns" May 24, 2010
At home, Ginta is being scoled by his mother. As Asuko suggests him moving away, so that he can't be influenced by his friends, Ginta becomes furious. As he leaves the house, he tells her if he's lucky, he'll run into a gang while he's gone. As a day passes, Asuko gets worried that Ginta got himself into trouble. However, Ginta returns late, and goes straight to bed, with Fukura watching him. While at school the next day, the gang are at their spot, where they talk about how it isn't the same without Ginta. A moment later, Ginta shows up. Surprised, they greet him, but the teachers all tell him to leave the school. As Mr. Tao tries to grab Ginta, Ginta nearly twists his arm. Garrick realizes the video shows Ginta's innocence. As they all go racing to the principal's office, Ginta takes Enki with him to go off somewhere else. As they go to the secret spot of the school, Ginta tells Enki to hold onto his bat for awhile. As Ginta goes off to find Rashu, he punches him in the stomach, knocking him out. Meanwhile, as Enki walks around the school, he prepares to go back inside, until he sees a kid about to get hit by a car.
32 "Brawl on the Streets: Enki vs. Ibiki" May 31, 2010
As Enki saves the kid, he tells him to run along. As Enki starts back to the school, a shady individual stops him. With the streets deserted, Enki asks him who is he. He says his name is Ibiki, and he has been sent by his leader, Syokosi to gather information on the End of Summer Carnival incident. Enki refuses to tell him, saying he'll have to beat it out of him. Eager to fight, Ibiki shows off his Spellbound by turning invisible. Shocked, Enki wonders where is Ibiki. As Enki gets punched to a tree, he realizes he's already outclassed. As Ibiki kicks Enki to the ground, he asks him if he's prepared to eat dirt the entire time. As Enki gets up, he tells him he's luck he can't find him. As Ibiki begins to pound Enki into the dirt, he asks him why is he so lucky to be invisible. With Enki still getting thrashed, Ibiki laughs maniacally, telling him that his options are simple. He can tell him what he wants, or die here on the cold city ground. Refusing to answer, Enki tells him to burn in Hell. Angered, Ibiki begins to crush Enki's spine, causing him to scream out loud, causing Ginta to go out and look for him.
33 "Unbroken Bondage" June 7, 2010
As Ginta tries to find Enki, he notices a mysterious feeling in the air. As Garrick, Fukura and Kitomi confront Principal Dasuno about Ginta's expulsion, they tell him to watch the tape once again, proving Ginta's innocence. With Enki being crushed, Ibiki tells him that he was a fool for ever thinking he could defeat him. Ibiki then appears, kicking Enki into the streets. As Enki lies there, he wonders if he'll really die this way. As a car is approaches, Enki realizes he's about to die. Enki pulls out Ginta's bat from his strap and uses it to barely dodge the speeding car. As Enki tries to catch his breath, Ibiki continues to beat down on him. Eventually, Enki torpedoes the bat at a lamp post, causing the bat to go flying back, along with the street light falling down. As Enki narrowly avoids being crushed, the bat knocks Ibiki to the ground, where he meets his death at the falling lamp post. As Ginta arrives, he helps Enki up. Enki explains to Ginta that the guy called Ibiki was stalking him, so that he could get information about the incident at the Carnival. Shocked, Ginta realizes that they're being watched by a shady group of individuals. Ginta tells Enki to head back inside, so that they can find the others.
34 "A Probable Cause" June 21, 2010
As Ginta and Enki race through the halls, all of the students are shocked to find Ginta back at school. When they reach the principal's office, they find their friends, and all of the teachers there watching the tape. Dasuno tells Ginta that he's sorry, but there's nothing proving his innocence. Fukura however diverts everyone's attention to the last scene in the clip, where they see a button on the floor. Kitomi realizes it is Ms. Takani's button on her blouse. Shocked, Dasuno calls in Asuko, discussing with her that seeing how Ginta's expulsion was all set up, he has decided to give him another chance. With all of Ginta's friends happy, the teachers complain, begging Dasuno to get rid of GInta, before he poisons the school. Angered, Dasuno tells them to shut up, saying they're the only contamination, as they were willing to dispose of a kid who had done no harm. As the bell rings for the end of the day, Ginta decides to walk home alone, with all of his friends and mother wondering what has gotten into him. As Ginta walks home, he looks back on when his father use to play with him as a kid. When Ginta gets home, he looks at a picture of him and his father playing baseball. Ginta begins to cry, realizing that he'll never get back the one man he cherished the most.
35 "The Power of the Dark Moon..." June 28, 2010
With Ibiki's death, Syokosi becomes frustrated, demanding that he must get a fragment of the Dark Moon's energy, otherwise he'll be left to decay in this rotten vessel. Katsanna and Shigura informs Syokosi that they still don't have information on the Carnival event. As Syokosi lets out a violent cough, Rei decides to take him to be helped. Gomer asks if he should beat the information out of the kids, but Syokosi says no. He tells them that they are to only retrieve a fragment of the Dark Moon's energy. Aguma check his locator, discovering the Dark Moon is out right now, and that there is a small fragment somewhere at Eagle Valley. As Syokosi sends him and Gomer off there, he tells Shigura and Katsanna to prepare the Fusion Chambers, while Rei helps stabilize his body. Meanwhile, Ginta is with at the pier, staring out at the water. Garrick asks him why is he so down, and Ginta tells him he's just been thinking about his life up to this point. Enki tells him not to get all emotion, and Garrick taunts him. Ginta tells him them they can taunt him all they want, saying he'll see them later. As Ginta walks off, Kitomi tells Enki and Garrick that they might've hurt his feelings. As Ginta is halfway home, he notices the sky turning an ominous color. As he wonders what's going on, he feels an strange breeze touch his skin...
36 "Syokosi's Secret: Fragment of the Moon" July 5, 2010
With the Dark Moon shining, Ginta's friends meet up with him. They wonder what is going on, but a few citizens question what are they talking about. Garrick asks how can they not see the blackish-purple moon in the sky. They look up, seeing no moon at all. Fukura realizes that the properties of the moon prevents people lacking a specific "piece" of themselves from seeing it. Ginta tells Fukura that seems logical, but asks what's the connection with them. A moment later, the Dark Moon illuminates a strange aura, "bonding" with Ginta and co. body and soul. Meanwhile, Aguma and Gomer reach Eagle Valley, and retrieve the Dark Moon Energy Fragment. As they prepare to leave, a few people question what are they doing. A second later, the two murder the individuals. As Aguma and Gomer take their leave, they contact Syokosi, saying they're returning with the fragment. With Syokosi pleased, he tells Rei that soon he'll finally gain a new vessel.
37 "Meeting of Darkness: The Savior" July 12, 2010
With the Dark Moon still in place, Ginta and the others decide it's best to go home. As Ginta and Fukura go home, Ginta realizes he left his bat at the pier. As he tells Fukura to make up an excuse if his mother asks why he's not home, he goes racing back to the pier. As Ginta retrieves his bat, he comes face-to-face with Yamma. Ginta threatens to thrash him if he doesn't leave, but Yamma telepathically takes his bat, explaining to him the situation of the Dark Moon. Confused, Ginta wonders what is he talking about. Yamma explains to Ginta the origins of the Dark Moon, and how it came to be. He also explains how it's illuminating energy spores are what unleash the potential with in Possessors. Ginta tells Yamma he's crazy and prepares to leave. Yamma shoots out a fireball, causing Ginta to listen to him. Yamma tells Ginta not to take advantage of the Dark Moon's power, saying all sorts of dangerous people want their hands on that power. Annoyed, Ginta asks why should he care. Yamma tells him he has been observing him for some time, and he would like to offer him a job!
38 "Ginta's First Case!!" July 19, 2010

Ginta asks Yamma what job offering. Yamma explains that he will task him with collecting Dark Moon Energy Fragments, as well as stopping any other abnormal activities around Earth. Ginta yells at Yamma, refusing to do his chores. Yamma however mentions he'll get to fight with his heart's content. Persuaded, Ginta agrees, officially becoming a DM Detective. Yamma tells Ginta his first assignment is to retrieve the first Dark Moon Enery Fragment, which is located somewhere east of where he is now. Yamma hands Ginta the Moonlit Capsule, the first device of many to be used to capture Dark Moon Energy Fragments. Yamma tells him he must leave to go at once, pack his bags, and leave now. Shocked, Ginta asks why she isn't coming with him. Yamma says she must return to her "station," bidding farewell to Ginta for now. As Ginta at home packing, Fukura is silently watching him from his bed. With the time at 10:30 pm, Ginta takes his backpack and puts his bat in there, heading out. He tells Fukura that if his mother asks, tell her he went out for a night stroll. As Ginta takes off to the east, he notices the Dark Moon emerging from the black clouds. As Ginta runs off, his friends arrive at his house, sneaking in through the back, calling out to Fukura.

39 "Sense of Danger: Dark Fortress" July 26, 2010
Fukura asks what are they doing here, and Garrick replies that they all met up, due to the Dark Moon having a weird effect on them. Fukura notices the same, and Kitomi asks where Ginta is. Fukura said Ginta gathered his things and went off somewhere to the east. Shocked, they all prepare to follow him, telling Fukura to come with them. Fukura says he cannot, as he must stay here to inform Ginta's mother of Ginta's whereabouts. Garrick climbs through the window and carries Fukura out of the house. As they all go off, Ginta meets Yamma again, who said she forgot to give him his DM Compass, which tracks down Dark Moon Energy. She wishes him luck, telling him he cannot fail. Ginta curses out Yamma, wondering how to use the compass. As he manages to activate the compass, it points to a building about 6 miles from where he is. Meanwhile, the Sento prepare the Fusion Exchange, but it fails. Rei realizes they'll need a bigger energy source for the transfer. Syokosi feels his body beginning to decay, sending Shigura and Katsanna out to retrieve the next one, located at Orion Junkyard. Ginta hones in on the energy reading, heading for the junkyard.
40 "Secret Move: Junkyard Battle" August 2, 2010
When Ginta arrives at the junkyard, he searches around finding nothing but trash. Eventually, he finds a dark light, obtaining the Dark Moon Energy Fragment. As Ginta leaves, he is confronted by two females, wanting the fragment. Ginta asks why do they want it, and they say it isn't his business. Ginta tells them if they can beat him in a fight, he'll give it. The two females laugh, as Katsanna offers to put Ginta in his place. As Ginta tells Katsanna to prepare herself, she vanishes, shocking him. When she reappears, she kicks Ginta into a pile of garbage. As Ginta gets up, he tells her she got a lucky hit on him. Katsanna smirks, asking him if all boys like him are as stupid as him. Angered, Ginta attacks Katsanna, who vanishes once again. Ginta wonders where is she, and slowly backs up to the entrance gate. When Katsanna reappears, she kicks Ginta in the face. Afterwards, she knees him in the stomach, and thenn throws him into a pile of garbage, where he is then presumed dead. Meanwhile, Ginta's friends are in hot pursuit for him, knowing very well that he could be in trouble. As all of this goes on, Syokosi is preparing for the transfer, imagining his new vessel. Meanwhile, Yamma watches all the events taking place.
41 "Ginta vs. Katsanna!" August 9, 2010
With Ginta being beaten by Katsanna, Shigura tells her to kill him already, so that they can head back to the hideout. Katsanna tells Shigura she needs to learn when it is right to make her prey suffer. Ginta gets up, telling Katsanna he isn't some animal. As Ginta charges Katsanna, she temporarily freezes in fear. Ginta's punch sends Katsanna flying through several loads of dump and trash. Impressed, Shigura realizes Katsanna will have to use her Spellbound on Ginta to win. Katsanna reveals her enhanced attack as her Spellbound, attacking Ginta with Bionic Nails, slicing him up. As Ginta stands there screaming in pain, Katsanna tells him he should have never came here. Ginta begins to pant, realizing she's out of his league. As Katsanna continues up with her attacks, Ginta is being overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. After Katsanna's last strike, Ginta is presumed dead. Yamma begs for Ginta to get up, saying if she could have found anybody better on shorter notice, she would have. As Ginta gets up, he promises Katsanna that she'll be dead when he's done with her...
42 "The Darkest Hour: Planet Shot" August 16, 2010
Katsanna laughs at Ginta, telling him it isn't nice to bluff. As Katsanna charges Ginta, he realizes that he could be in big trouble. As Ginta screams in agony, his friends can hear him. Kitomi points to the junkyard, and they all go racing there. With the Dark Moon's light beginning to shine violently, Ginta continues to get thrashed by Katsanna. Eventually, he is prepared to drop, until the Dark Moon's light strikes Ginta, causing his body to undergo a strange change. As Katsanna plans to attack Ginta, she goes temporarily blind. When the light subsides, Shigura wonders what had just happened. Ginta says he isn't sure what had happened, but prepares to take Katsanna down. As he rushes Katsanna, she notices his body went through a power increase. As Ginta beats down on Katsanna, he gathers his hands into a particular position. Shigura and Katsanna are shocked when they see Ginta's Raiki rising above their expectations. Ginta then unleashes a powerful spiritual energy burst in the form of a bullet, going through Katsanna's heart, killing her. As Ginta is shocked of what had just happened, Shigura creates a blinding light. When the light subsides, Ginta realizes she ran off with the fragment. Before Ginta leaves, his friends find him, asking him if he is okay. He says yeah, but tells them that he must retrieve the Dark Moon Energy Fragment, before it's too late.
43 "An Unfriendly Greeting..." August 23, 2010
Garrick asks Ginta why is he sneaking out so late, and he tells them that it's a long story, and he'll explain to them the details later. He tells them to follow him, saying that they're heading off to get back the fragment. At the hideout, Shigura informs Syokosi of a mysterious youth on a search to collect the fragments like them. Rei laughs, saying he is no problem. Shigura also says that he had recently killed Katsanna, shocking him and Syokosi. When Ginta and co. arrives at the hideout, they manage to sneak in. Syokosi senses intruders, ordering for Katsanna, Aguma and Gomer to entertain his guests. As Ginta and co. wonder what kind of hideout this is, Enki says that it could be all a big hoax. Kitomi asks him why would anybody try to be secretive, about being secretive. Enki says he doesn't know, but it's possible. Ktiomi insults Enki, causing him to threaten to beat her up. Ginta calls them both children, telling them to keep their voices down. A moment later, a few dark holes appear, sucking up Ginta and co. When they all wake up, Ginta and Garrick realize they're trapped in a maze; Fukura is stuck in a cell with the oxygen levels decreasing, and Enki and Kitomi are staring into the eyes of Shigura, their killer! Syokosi tells all of his guests to have fun, as it'll be the last thing they'll do in the living world!
44 "Isolation" August 30, 2010
Yamma is shocked that Ginta's friends met up with him, saying she had no intention of getting him involved. Her assistant, Garloth tells her that she had no choice but to task Ginta, as he was the closest match among the humans of reaching the requirements to be a DM Detective. Yamma says he's right, but she wishes she could have given him more time to train. At the hideout, Ginta and Garrick wonder where is the other, struggling to find the exit to the maze. Fukura wonders how to get out of the cell, before he loses oxygen. Finally, Kitomi and Enki meet Shigura, who is prepared to kill the two. She explains to them the goals of Syokosi, and how he will gather the Dark Moon Energy Fragments, so that he may be given a new vessel. Shocked, Kitomi asks if he's even human. She tells him he's apart of an extraterrestrial race known as the Humanoids. Enki tells her to shut up, preparing to thrash her himself if she doesn't let them leave. Shigura smiles, daring both Enki and Kitomi to fight them at the same time. As Enki charges Shigura, Kitomi warns him to not charge into battle. Shigura smirks, preparing to attack Enki with rope.
45 "Enki's Wrath: Kitomi vs. Shigura" September 6, 2010
With Ginta and Garrick both trying to find each other and escape the maze, Fukura is beginning to get light-headed due to the air-tight environment he is in. As Enki attacks Shigura, she counters him with a rope, launching him to the wall. As Kitomi goes to check up on Enki, Shigura explains that this rope-like substance is her hair. Shocked, Kitomi asks how can she do that. Shigura explains it's one of the many unique abilities she has developed from her Spellbound. As Enki gets up, he tells Kitomi that they must fight as a team if they want to win. Enki tells her that although they may be somewhat friends, that doesn't mean she has to tell him what to do. As Enki attacks Shigura again, Kitomi calls him an idiiot. Shigura uses her hair again to ensnare Enki. Shigura then cracks her wrist, tightening the hold on Enki. As Enki screams out in pain, Kitomi thinks of a plan. She notices a sky light, and cuts the lines connecting it, causing it to fall. Kitomi hopes that Shigura didn't notice, but Shigura kicks the light, shattering it. Shocked, Kitomi wonders how are they going to win. Meanwhile, Aguma and Gomer help Rei adjust the Dark Moon Energy Fragments, so that they can begin the Fusion Exchange for Syokosi.
46 "Shigura's Spellbound..." September 13, 2010
Shigura tells Kitomi she likes how crafty she is, but tells her she can't save her friend that way. Shigura punches Kitomi in the face, causing her to fall to the ground. Horrified, Enki's anger begins to ascend. Up at the ceiling, the Dark Moon's energy shines through the ceiling's transparent window. The Dark Moon is reacting to Enki's anger, allowing him to break out of Shigura's hold, shocking her. Enki then attacks Shigura, kicking her in the stomach. Afterwards, he thrusts his arm out, donning it his Hammerarm move. However, Shigura narrowly dodges the attack, noticing that Enki had instinctively put some Raiki into that punch. As Enki goes over to help Kitomi, she thanks him, but warns him to look out. When he turns around, Shigura dominates Enki with a barrage of punches. Afterwards, she kicks Enki in the face, and then throws him into the air. Shigura uses Thread Lash, trapping Enki again, but twirling him in the air, which is actually slicing him up. As Kitomi struggles to get to her feet, she tries to think of a way to save Enki from dying.
47 "Evil Peril: Terror of the Maze!!" September 20, 2010
With Enki screaming in pain, Shigura laughs, promising to let him down if he begs for his life. Refusing to do so, Enki tells Shigura that he'd rather be strangled and sliced up, than to beg for his life. Shigura then obliges to Enki's request. As Kitomi attacks Shigura, she uses Lasso Thread, keeping Kitomi on the wall, forcing her to watch her friend die slowly. As Enki is being strangled and sliced up, Kitomi feels helpless as she doesn't have the strength to continue. Just then, she witnesses Enki spit blood out, and Shigura laughing at his misfortune. As Kitomi's anger rises, Shigura begins taunting Kitomi, calling her and Enki an assortment of insults. Eventually, Kitomi unleashes a wave, which causes the entire floor they're on to shake and crumble. Eventually, the ground shatters beneath Shigura's feet, causing her to let Enki go. As Kitomi manages to escape, she helps Enki up. However, the two are slashed by Shigura's hair. Shigura promises that she'll kill the two now, preparing to slash them once more. However, Enki punches the ground hard enough for Shigura to fall completely through the floor, breaking her back. A moment later, the ceiling above collapses, crushing Shigura beyond belief. As the two lie there, Enki thanks Kitomi, apologizing for the way he's been treating her.
48 "Enclosure" September 27, 2010
As Ginta and Garrick find themselves lost in a deep spiral within the maze, they both wonder if they're going in circles. Ginta however pulls out his bat and begins crashing through walls, eventually finding an exit. As he goes off to look for the others, Garrick isn't so fortunate. Garrick searches around, eventually finding what appears to be an exit. As he takes it to the next room, he encounters a giant slimy creature, which has been labeled as Buo. As Garrick tries to leave, the creature spits out a Slime Ball, preventing Garrick from escaping. As Aguma and Gomer continue, Rei tells them to go check up on their intruders, while he takes care of everything here. As they go off, they don't sense Shigura's Raiki, discovering that she died in battle. Angered, the two go off, in search of their pursuers. As Ginta searches for his friends, Yamma contacts him, explaining to him that he might want to hurry. Ginta tells her he knows he doens't have much time to get the fragment, but her telling him again isn't going to change anything. Yamma however tells him that Fukura's life is in danger, and he'll be dead if he doesn't reach him in 10 minutes. Shocked, Ginta asks her where is he, and she says that he's in a cell known as the Safe Room, just one floor below him. As Ginta goes running off, he prays that he can save his friend in time.

Season 2Edit

No. Title Original Air Date
49 "The Slime That Would Not Die!" October 11, 2010
With Ginta racing to get to Fukura in time, Garrick struggles to evade his slimey opponent. Garrick tries punching it, but his fist goes sliding off of it, landing on the wall. The monster shoots its tongue at Garrick, knocking him back to the wall. In pain, Garrick realizes he'll be slime food before he escapes. As Buo launches another attack, Garrick narrowly avoids it. Garrick then jumps into the air, preparing to end it with one hit. Buo however unleashes Slime Bullets, striking Garrick, which also decreases Garrick's speed. As Garrick gets overwhelmed, he drops to the ground. As he struggles to get up, Buo wraps its tongue around Garrick, preparing to eat him!!
50 "Brilliance on the Battlefield" October 18, 2010
With Garrick unable to move, he wonders if Buo has a weakness. A moment later, Garrick spots a lighter in the distance, realizing his only chance is to set Buo to flames. As Buo thrusts Garrick into his mouth, Garrick spins around, creating a space between him and Buo. As Garrick lands on the ground, he quickly jumps for the lighter. As Garrick obtains it, he bids Buo a farewell to hell, setting the room on fire. After an explosion, both Enki and Kitomi decide to go check it out. Meanwhile, Ginta arrives at the Safe Room, seeing a comatose Fukura's skin beginning to turn pale. Determined to get him out, Ginta struggles to force his way through. When this doesn't work, Ginta helplessly watches as his friend's life slowly slips away.
51 "Saving Fukura: Countdown to Demise" October 25, 2010
As Fukura's life is fading, Ginta sheds a tear. Just then, he goes for his technique that he used on Katsanna, but it fails to work. Out of options, Ginta pulls his bat out and continues to collide it with the reinforced glass. Soon, the illuminating light of the Dark Moon shines on Ginta, increasing his strength enough to bust open the cell. As Ginta retrieves Fukura, he is able to awaken him. As Ginta carries Fukura, they run into Aguma and Gomer. Ginta says he remembers them from when they attacked Fukura at their school, threatening to take care of them this time. Aguma however says he cannot win, telling him that the Dark Moon's Energy Fragments are being ready to be infused within Syokosi, so that he may gain a new vessel. Shocked, Ginta realizes that if one of them don't go now, they won't be able to retrieve the fragments. As Ginta prepares to fight, Fukura tells Ginta to go on ahead, saying he'll take on both Aguma and Gomer. The two enemies are shocked, asking him if he wants a death wish. Ginta tells him he won't leave him, but Fukura insists. Fukura tells Ginta his job is to retrieve the fragments, saying to just not forget to come back for him. As Ginta goes off, Fukura prepares to take on Syokosi's top body guards.
52 "Sudden Death" November 1, 2010
As Fukura gets into a defensive stance, Aguma and Gomer laugh. They taunt Fukura, asking him if he realy believes he can defeat them both now. Fukura tells them that he was busy protecting Morikawa and Makoto to focus on them the last time they fought. Eager to fight, Gomer decides to test Fukura, attacking him with his extending arms. As Fukura easily dodges both arms, he blitzes Gomer, kicking him to a wall. Gomer laughs, saying that Fukura wasn't joking about holding back, telling Aguma that they might need to try against him. As the duo attacks Fukura simaltaneously, he struggles to evade their attacks, eventually being thrashed to a pile of crates and barrels. As Fukura arises, he wipes the blood from his mouth, daring the two to attack him again. As they do so, Fukura dodges Gomer's Finger Missle strike, and kicks Aguma in the face. As Aguma stumbles backward, Fukura sweeps him. Surprised, Gomer tells Fukura he is more skillful than they thought. Aguma agrees, apologizing for taking Fukura lightly. Aguma releases his Spellbound, Blood Shot, causing Fukura's blood to violently thrust him to the ground, where Gomer prepares to impale him with his Finger Missile strike.
53 "Fukura's Rematch: Double Teamed" November 8, 2010
With Fukura outmatched, he realizes that he won't be able to defeat the two body guards. As Gomer unleashes his attack, Fukura roll dodges. However, Gomer curves his attack, piercing Fukura in the back. As Fukura drops, Aguma picks him up, and throw him through a wall, leading to outside. Meanwhile, Enki and Kitomi find the room with the explosion, but nobody there. With Rei almost complete with the Fusion Chamber's setup, he places Syokosi in his chamber. As Fukura forces himself up, Aguma and Gomer pummel him into the dirt. Aguma then steps on Fukura's head, and begins stomping on him, telling him to beg for mercy. As Fukura continues to get pulverized, Aguma is shocked that he won't even make a sound. As Aguma continues to stomp on Fukura, Fukura looks back on his birthday, where he was traumatized by his parents murdering one another. As Fukura's world came shattering, he was then left in a state of depression, wandering around emptiness in search of isolation...
54 "Enhanced Vision: A Genius is Born!" November 15, 2010
As Fukura continues to fall deeper into isolation, he finds a light within his subconscience in the form of Ginta. As Ginta calls out to Fukura, Fukura realizes that for the moment, he has people who care for him. With Dark Moon's light shielding Fukura from Aguma's blows, Fukura arises, glaring at his opponents. He tells the two to prepare for a gruesome demise, and Gomer simply scoffs this off. As Gomer attacks Fukura, Fukura's eyes glow icy blue. Shocked, Gomer attacks him with Body Shot Madness. As Fukura effortlessly evades Gomer's attacks, Gomer becomes increasingly angry, while Aguma questions how is that possible. Eventually Gomer launches his Finger Missile strike to hone in on Fukura. However, Fukura manages to trick Gomer, eventually redirecting them at him, impaling himself. With Gomer dead, Aguma becomes enraged. Aguma rushes Fukura, angered that he can't land a hit on him. Fukura then grabs Aguma's hand, and force palms him back to a wall, where he coughs up a ton of blood. Realizing Fukura as a threat, Aguma begins powering up, releasing his Raiki. As he enters his Crimson Maze state, Aguma tells Fukura he'll be the one suffering a gruesome end.
55 "The Mindreader: Spirit of the Soul" November 22, 2010
Aguma blitzes Fukura, thrashing him. Fukura realizes he's outclassed, even with his newfound ability. As Aguma continues to thrash Fukura, he then uses Blood Shower, causing it to rain blood. As Fukura uses the blood to mask his presence, Aguma narrowly avoids a fatal blow to the ribcage. As Fukura attacks once more, Aguma uses Blood Binding, binding Fukura's blood, so that his body will release all of his blood through the oxygen he breathes out. With Fukura in immense pain, Aguma tells him he should've picked his battles more carefully. Meanwhile, both Ginta and Garrick are on their way to the main chamber, to foil Syokosi's plan at obtaining a new vessel. With Fukura still injured, he realizes the loophole to Aguma's trick. As Fukura holds his breath, Aguma begins to beat down on him, saying he can't hold his breath forever. As Fukura takes several devastating blows to the chest, he begins breathing again, shocking Aguma. Aguma then begins losing blood. Fukura explains how he reversed Aguma's trick on him, saying that his abilities were mediocre at best. Fukura then coats his hands in purple Raiki, punching Aguma in the chest, twisting it, and killing him. As Fukura limps to a few shrubs, he drops on them, fainting.
56 "Restoration" November 29, 2010
With Ginta and Garrick heading to the Main Chamber room, Enki and Kitomi decide to go find Fukura. Yamma contacts Ginta, telling him he and his friends have done a good job, but his mission isn't over yet. She tells him that Syokosi is about to use the Dark Moon Energy Fragments, shocking Ginta. As Garrick arrives to the main chamber room, he realizes there are four chambers within the main one. Rei senses Garrick's presence, and begins the Fusion Exchange for Syokosi, while he goes to take care of the intruder. As Garrick meets Rei, Rei explains to him that he'll protect his master no matter what. Garrick asks Rei if he is Syokosi's top body guard, but the latter says otherwise. Rei says he is Syokosi's right-hand man, and will stop at nothing to help his master achieve his goal. Garrick smiles, telling Rei he better prepare to back those words up with skills if he wants to help his master. Rei smirks, asking Garrick if he honestly believes he can beat him. Garrick tells him they'll never know unless he tries. As the two prepare to fight, the Dark Moon causes red lightning to strike, with Black Rain falling heavily.
57 "Garrick vs. Rei" December 06, 2010
As Garrick attacks Rei, Rei sidesteps, causing Garrick to crash into a wall. Rei laughs at him, asking him if he really is serious about fighting him. Garrick tells him to shut up, attacking Rei again. Rei easily avoids Garrick's punches, making him look pathetic in comparison. As Garrick goes for a reverse kick, Rei blocks it, and then punches Garrick to a wall. Rei asks him how could he be so weak. Garrick however insults Syokosi, angering Rei. Garrick manages to provoke Rei enough to use his Spellbound. Rei punches Garrick into the air, and then smashes him downward. As Garrick gets up, Rei unleashes a Haze, clouding their area in a thick black fog. As Garrick tries to find where Rei is, he gets sucker punched in the stomach. As Garrick drops to his knees, he tries his best to catch his breath. Rei asks Garrick if he'll be able to stop this technique, saying nobody has been able to top it. As Garrick forces himself back on his feet, he realizes his body's energy is depleting, and Rei explains the Haze is absorbing his life energy, until he's all dried up. Meanwhile, Ginta asks Yamma which way is to the Chamber Room, and she tells him to take a left by the next corner.
58 "Trinity Attack: Rei's Fusion" December 13, 2010
As Ginta reaches a dark and narrow hallway, he realizes the Chamber Room is a 300 yard run down the hall. As He goes racing off, he hopes that his friends are okay. With Garrick slowly dying, Rei knees him in the stomach, and then kicks him in the face. As Garrick drops to the ground, he looks up at the ceiling. Garrick realizes if he can break a hole, he can allow for the fog to disappear. As Garrick gets up, he jumps from wall to wall until he reaches the ceiling. Rei asks him what is he doing up there, and Garrick tells him he's renovating the hideout. As Garrick makes a hole in the ceiling, he falls to the ground. As Black Rain hits him, the key on his neck glows, dispelling the haze. Shocked, Rei asks him how he did that. Garrick says he doesn't know, but says he'll put this power to good use. Garrick charges Rei, thrashing him with a barrage combination. Garrick then kicks Rei into the air, and throws him into the sky. Garrick insults Rei, confidently telling him he has this win in the bag. Rei smiles evilly, telling him he won't say that after he uses the Trinity Attack on him. As Rei gathers his Raiki for his special technique, Garrick realizes he could be in big trouble!
59 "Burst: Garrick's Final Move!!" December 20, 2010
As Rei continues gathering the energy needed to focus his attack, he tells Garrick to prepare himself. Rei then creates two clones of himself, and they attack Garrick at a blinding speed, overwhelming him with slicing strikes and attacks. As Garrick is in pain, he wonders why is his life energy being decreased again. Rei tells him that his Spellbound is all about absorbing another's life energy. As Rei uses Trinity Attack once again, Garrick realizes he'll be dead before he knows it. Helpless to do anything, Garrick is left open to be struck by Rei's attack once again. In the room next to the one the two are fighting in, Syokosi's Fusion is nearly complete. As Ginta is making his run, he senses a strong force waiting up ahead. Enki and Kitomi manage to find Fukura outside, carrying him back inside of the hideout. With Garrick being overwhelmed, Rei says that he'll strike him with the Trinity-Haze combination to finish him. Realizing this is his last chance, Garrick removes his key from his neck and it glows. A second later, Rei gets his soul taken away, losing the fight. As Garrick places his key back around his neck, he goes limping to the next chamber room.
60 "The Vessel's Completion" December 27, 2010
As Garrick enters the next chamber room, he is horrified to find Syokosi's Fusion Experiment complete. As an explosion unites, Syokosi awakens in his new vessel. Throughout the hideout, Ginta and his friends feel Syokosi's power. Syokosi begins flexing with this new vessel, seeing if it is to his liking. When he notices Garrick, he asks him how long he's been standing there. Garrick challenges Syokosi, saying that he'll retrieve the Dark Moon's energy back from within him. Syokosi simply smiles, telling Garrick to do what he must. As Syokosi begins shadow boxing, Garrick realizes he's not taking him seriously. Garrick yells at Syokosi, demanding that he views him as a legitimate threat. Syokosi turns toward Garrick, telling him if a deathwish is all he wanted, he'll be glad to end his life. As Garrick prepares to fight Syokosi, the latter tells Garrick he'll pay him back tenfold for killing his right-hand man. As Garrick attacks Syokosi, Syokosi thrashes him about. As Garrick realizes the danger of the situation, he tries to use his special attack again. Syokosi punches him in the stomach, and then kicks him to the ground. Syokosi then picks Garrick up, choking him.
61 "Enter Psykosis!!" January 10, 2011
As Syokosi squeezes the life out of Garrick, he tells him he'll rot in hell for meddling in his plans. Syokosi then uses both hands to choke Garrick, causing Garrick to pass out. As Ginta arrives in the Chamber Room, Syokosi senses him. As Ginta makes his way into the main room, he is horrified to find Syokosi, holding Garrick by the neck. He tells Syokosi to put his friend down. Syokosi smiles, throwing Garrick through a wall. Angered, Ginta tells him he'll have to deal with him now, and Syokosi tells him he'll be more than happy to. Ginta tells Syokosi he'll make sure to knock that smug look off his face. Syokosi laughs, and then tells Ginta that with this new vessel, he shall be known as Psykosis. Ginta tells him only someone as pathetic as him could come up with a name like that. Psykosis tells Ginta he finished beating down on his friend, without even using his Spellbound. Shocked, Ginta prepares to attack Psykosis in blind rage.
62 "Confined Chaos: Torment of Hell" January 17, 2011
Ginta promises Psykosis that he'll be the one to kill him by the end of this. Psykosis look up into the air, and destroys most of the hideout, allowing the light of the Dark Moon to strike them both, powering both up. He tells Ginta he wants a legitimate fight, so that once he's dead, he can go back to his home world and use the Dark Moon to create a new vessel for all of his race. Shocked, Ginta charges Psykosis, promising to make sure that doesn't happen. As Psykosis grabs Ginta's fist, Ginta is shocked at how powerful his opponent is. Psykosis kicks Ginta into the sky, hoping that the Black Rain boosts his abilities even further. As Ginta lands on his feet, Psykosis admits that he could be more challenging than his friend. As Ginta attacks Psykosis, Psykosis easily counters all of his attacks, inflicting massive damage on Ginta with his own barrage of finger strikes. As Ginta is already bleeding, he curses Psykosis, realizing he is at a severe disadvantage. As Ginta continues to attack Psykosis, Psykosis simply evades his attacks, yawning in the process. Annoyed, Ginta takes his bat out, swinging it at Psykosis. Psykosis easily evades Ginta's swings, wondering if he's even trying. Ginta then tries to sweep Psykosis, but he jumps into the air, kicks Ginta in the face, sending him into another chamber room.
63 "First True Challenge" January 24, 2011
As Ginta gets up, Yamma contacts him, saying that he better not lose. Ginta tells her to shut up, saying he's already struggling enough. As Psykosis grabs Ginta, he kicks him to another
64 "Psykosis's Aura..." January 31, 2011
65 "Girantia Ritual: Unlocked Potential!!" February 7, 2011
66 "N/A" February 14, 2011
67 "N/A" February 21, 2011
68 "N/A" February 28, 2011
69 "N/A" March 7, 2011
70 "N/A" March 14, 2011
71 "N/A" March 21, 2011
72 "N/A" March 28, 2011
73 "N/A" April 4, 2011
74 "N/A" April 11, 2011
75 "Rivalry Between The Best!!" April 16, 2011
Kai and Zola initiate their fight and it is even, with Zola gaining a slight edge but Kai being much faster than Zola. He kicks her twice in the face but she forces him backwards. They begin trading blow for blow until Zola walks away, saying that Kai is too weak. Kai removes his scarf and fights but is still at the disadvantage. Kai then removes the armlets and begins taking control until the two clashes again. As Kai pants heavily, Zola then insults Kai and his skills and the Femme Fatals leaves. Before the Fatals leave, Yugi tells Zola Kai didn't lose but Zola tells him his performance today was as bad as losing. Kai is furious and Yugi and co. decides to head back home, to get some rest. Kai's in a trance on account of Zola ditching on their fight and insulting his skills.
76 "The Almighty Part V" April 23, 2011
With the recent losses against the Femme Fatals, the Chi Warriors think of a way to get stronger. Kai however is fed up with being put in with "no-talents". He leaves again and Yugi believes that he is only mad because of what Zola said to him. Masai agrees, saying they stood no chance against them. Laxus states that they don't need Kai to win as a team and both Saharu and Kairi agrees as they go off to find a training center. They ask people but cannot do anything. Eventually, Yugi comes across Zola and the Fatals but they are ambushed by Rare Hunters Osai, Konami & Gruis. Yugi tells the others and they all give chase to the Rare Hunters. When they reach the bottom, they discover that the Rare Hunters has a new masterplan up their sleeves. Yugi then vows to stop the Rare Hunters and rescue the Femme Fatals.
77 "Divine Shockwaves: Konami's Assault!" April 30, 2011
As the Chi Warriors give chase, they decide that they need to split up. Yugi heads off to the right. Both Masai and Saharu take the left, Laxus goes up and Saharu finds himself taking the stone path. As they all go, Masai and Kairi finds themselves locked in a fight with Konami. He attacks them and they manage to hold their own for awhile. Eventually, he injures Kairi's arm and Masai must protect her. Before Konami can do anything else, Laxus arrives, preparing to fight Konami. Laxus unleashes his newly formed technique, Divine Shockwaves, piercing his chest. Konami gets up and laughs, stating that he has been looking for a challenge.
78 "The Almighty Part VI" May 7, 2011
Konami launches a barrage of vine Razorwinds on Laxus, keeping him at bay. Masai wishes to help him but Laxus tells him to watch over Kairi. Masai uses his spirit powers to begin healing her. Meanwhile, Yugi finds a tomb room and finds the Femme Fatals. He asks them where Zola is and they say she is fighting the Rare Hunter Boss in a room nearby. Yugi hurries up. Laxus is unable to get close to Konami and prepares to finish him off but Laxus uses the winds to his advantage and manages to shoot a Lightningrod through his chest. Konami looks at his own blood and then laughs. He then congratulates Laxus, for giving him a worthy challenge before his demise. Laxus smiles and the three hurries to find Yugi. Saharu enters a room but only finds trouble when he runs into Sissila, Ragnarok & Cremol again. He demands to fight Cremol and so the other two go off as he attacks Cremol.
79 "Death of a Hero" May 14, 2011
Yugi manages to fend off many Rare Hunters and defeats them all. Eventually, he comes across Gruis. Gruis wonders how Yugi could have made it to this room. He explains that he is there to rescue Zola. Gruis tells him that won't happen and uses his Binding Metal Crush. Yugi is trapped in it and begins to suffocate. He however manages to use Typhoon Boom to the ceiling, causing rocks to fall on Gruis. Yugi continues on and Gruis gets up, believing Yugi to be powerful. Yugi enters the next room and finds Zola half dead. He asks if she is all right but is stopped by Rare Hunter Osai. Yugi recognizes him from a while ago and asks if he did this. He says no and so the leader, Rare Hunter Abassi comes in and compliments Yugi on his strength and determination. The two square off and Yugi gets some good hits in but Abassi then makes quick work of him, leaving him on the ground like Zola.
80 "Burning Star: Enter the Flame Saber!" May 21, 2011
Rare Hunter Osai takes both Yugi and Zola and puts them back in the cell with the girls. They manage to heal Yugi using Mistral's powers. They ask Yugi where the others are and he says that they are on their way. Saharu uses his blade against Cremol's bones. The two are neck to neck and eventually Cremol kicks him and he falls to the ground. Cremol asks Saharu if he truly believed he could win. Saharu says he isn't sure and Cremol explains that that is the problem. He then creates a huge fog. Saharu gets back up but continues to get beaten down. Saharu then thinks of what Yugi would do in the situation. He then thinks of an idea and stops trying to dodge Cremol's attacks. This confuses Cremol who then thickens the fog.
81 "Saharu Strikes Back" May 28, 2011
Saharu is completely calm and then blows away the fog using his Volcano Emission. He then uses Volcano Emission once again to gain the location of where Cremol is. He then hits the fire through the ground using Fire Bullet. Cremol is forced to jump out but lands in Saharu's Flame Saber. Cremol is fatally wounded and tries to contact Ragnarok but Saharu stops him by finishing him off with another Flame Saber. Afterwards, he heads back, planning to meet up with the others. Yugi asks how Zola managed to escape the cell and she explains that she tricked the guards. Krystal explains that these Rare Hunters are elite. Yugi says that he has beaten them before and breaks the cell. After they all escape, Laxus' crew and Saharu all meet up again. Yugi welcomes them and they all head to the Secret Basement room. There, both Konan and Kozaki have been waiting, wanting a rematch with both Saharu and Yugi. Yugi goes out to Konan and Saharu to Kozaki and their epic rematches begin!
82 "A Terror of Two: The Rare Hunters True Power" June 4, 2011
Yugi tries to punch Konan but she deflects this punch and five-palm seals him on the chest, sending him through the wall. Kairi gets worried and Laxus goes over to see if he is all right. Yugi gets up and enters his meditation state. Konan then enters her Supreme Galiux form and manages to take the upperhand in the battle. Laxus wants to help but Yugi tells him not to interfere. Gruis returns & attacks but Absol says she will stop him. They fight for some time with him making her bleed. She then kills him with Soul Reaping, stealing his soul. Saharu strikes Kozaki but Kozaki reacts quickly from it. He knees Saharu in the back and throws him into a rock. Saharu uses his Flame Saber but cannot get it started as Kozaki charges him with his Thunderbolt. Saharu counters with Inferno Fist and the two go flying. They both however collect themselves and charge once again. Kairi asks them to take cover and Masai however gets closer to Saharu's battle. An explosion happens and there is nothing but smoke. When the smoke clears up, Saharu knees Kozaki and then executes his Flame Bullet. However, Kozaki blocks that and uses Lightning Arrow, cutting Saharu's leg. Masai and the others notes this and Saharu struggles to get up with himself incapacitated.
83 "Fire Power" June 11, 2011

Saharu forces himself up but is barely keeping himself in the fight. Kozaki uses Flash Attack, slicing up his stomach. Saharu falls down, coughing out blood. He tries to get up but his body fails him. With Saharu at the brink of death, Kozaki prepares the final execution. As he does however, Masai stops him with the Elemental Blade. He then kicks Kozaki. Masai patches some of the wounds and tells Saharu that they will fight him together. Yugi dodges all of Konan's Negative Energy attacks and uses his Whirlwind-Sonicboom. The attack however fails and Konan spin-kicks him backwards. Kairi wonders how Yugi can win. Laxus explains that they have a chance if they can be able to find their opponent's weakness and use that. Saharu and Masai charges Kozaki but it is no match for his Black Thunder: Dark Lightning attack. This catches them both and they are barely able to block that. Kozaki slams Masai and as he starts choking him, Masai tries to hit his Sacred Mark.

He cannot and is about to pass out until Saharu kicks him on the neck. Kozaki then throws Saharu to the ground but Masai hits him three times in his Sacred Mark. Kozaki then charges Saharu and uses his Black Thunder: Dark Lightning Attack but dies out due to his Spirit Points being blocked. He also is screaming from his organs being struck. Saharu helps Masai up and he mocks Kozaki. Kozaki begins to sweat and wonders what Saharu is doing. Saharu jokingly teases Kozaki, bringing up that he said that he would kill him. Saharu then uses his Flame Saber to defeat Kozaki. As Kozaki uses his remaining strength to flee, the Femme Fatals take note of this and notice that the Chi Warriors have been getting stronger. Absol attacks Kozaki, overwhelming him. Afterwards, she kills him with Cosmic Power. Both Vulkna and Mistral wonder if they will become a threat to them but Zola says that they have nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, The Dragon Riders heads into the ruins and begins destroying it.

84 "My Enemy is My Friend" June 18, 2011

After Saharu and Masai claims victory, they are taken to safety by both Absol and Vulkna. Zola then turns everyone's attention to the fight still going on. Yugi low kicks Konan but she rebounds and knees him in the face. She asks Yugi why he believes he can win so much. Yugi explains that he has to win for his friends and that he he will never let them down. He then musters all the strength he has into his Dragon Blade Tornado. Konan is shocked by the tremendous power that Yugi possesses. She then blocks the heart of the attack. Afterwards, she mocks Yugi for failing, but Yugi had saved enough energy for a full-powered punch to the face, knocking Konan down. Yugi explains that he must protect his friends and they protect him, and that they're a team. He helps Konan up and she accepts his kind gesture. He tells her to leave the Rare Hunters but she says she can't.

Just then, the place begins to collapse and all the Rare Hunters leaves. The Dragon Riders arrive and they start destroying everything. Dratini spots Yugi and co. and demands them give Kai back. Yugi says he doesn't know where Kai is but she doesn't believe him and starts destroying the pathway. Vulkna wonders what's going on and Zola insults Dratini, angering her. The Femme Fatals retreats, saying that the Chi Warriors saving them changes nothing between them. Yugi then gets everyone out and manages to convince Konan to get to escape with them. Yugi asks where she's gonna go, and Calypso, who had been on Willow Mountain watching, has come. She welcomes Konan to be her apprentice and congratulates Yugi. They take their leave and when the team gets back to the inn, they find Kai training. They all tell Kai the good news and he ignores them. Yugi then states that they will work harder to win.

85 "Unbalanced Power" June 25, 2011

As the Chi Warriors are training diligently, they get a knock on the door. The owner of the inn announces that they have a group of visitors. They all get curious as to who it could be. They go outside and they find that the Femme Fatals have come looking for them. Laxus asks why are they here. Vulkna tells him to chill out and gives Zola the floor. Zola expresses her gratitude for the whole team for the Chi Warriors saving them but they didn't need their help. She then explains that losers like them got lucky and that their opponents were weak-minded is behind their victories. This angers both Saharu and Laxus. Masai tries to reason with them and Kairi tries to insult her but Masai also stops her. Krystal brings up that they are too good to beat. Yugi then offers to battle one of them to prove them wrong. They all stop and look at him and Saharu looks at him, questioning him. Masai and Kairi also want him to back out. The Fatals insult Yugi and suggest that he isn't worth their time. Laxus then tells Yugi to go for it. Yugi is eager to do it and he challenges Zola. Yugi tells the Fatals that they can't talk like that to the Chi Warriors, saying they're just talking trash. Zola however states that she's talking to trash. Vulkna agrees, stating that barring Kai, they've lost every fight with them.

Krystal then says not like it matters, as his draw with Absol was fluke. The Fatals all laugh but is cut off when Kai brings up that they are all talk and no show. Angered, they go to the backyard and Yugi fights Zola once again, wanting to test himself against the strongest member. Zola warns him not to cry and Yugi promises he won't. Shocked at his confidence, Zola tells Yugi he'll regret challenging her. As the fight initiates, the Chi Warriors & Fatals carefully watch the two as they are evenly trading blow for blow. As they continue to fight, Zola uses her Dynamite Rock Slide. Yugi however is able to counter that with Dragon Blade Tornado. The fight ends in a draw and Zola is shocked. The Fatals then leave and the Chi Warriors begins to see a shed of hope their way as they learn fighting the Rare Hunters has made them stronger. A day later, the tournament goes through until it reaches the final round, the Spirit Chi Warriors, up against the Femme Fatals. They exchange insulting words and the first match commences with it being the grudge match of Saharu vs. Mistral. The two step up to fight in the steel-water cage, suited for Mistral. Mistral wishes Saharu luck, saying that he'll need it. Saharu prepares to go all out.

86 "Super Wave: Fight Water with Firepower!!" July 2, 2011

Yugi and Masai wishes Saharu luck and he charges Mistral. However, the fight quickly ends up like their last one. Mistral mocks Saharu, saying that he is not skilled enough to bypass her water manipulation. She then summons a Tsunami and thrusts it at Saharu. Yugi cheers Saharu on but Zola tells him not to bet on a victory. Saharu doubts his abilities but remembers his goal to get even with Ragnarok. He then uses Flame Saber, cancelling out both attacks. The girls question how he did that and Saharu manages to burn Mistral using his Fire Bullet. Mistral smiles and regenerates. Saharu notices this and uses another Fire Bullet but that is stopped by Safeguard. She then uses Aqua Jet on him, severely injuring him. Krystal and Vulkna tell Mistral to finish Saharu while the Chi Warriors all cheer Saharu on. Kairi offers to cheer louder and they do.

Saharu is amazed and gets up but is hit directly by Mistral's Black Rain, depleting his chi. She then uses her Water Shark Infinite Whirlpool, sending Saharu back to the cage. He is barely hanging on and the Fatals boast over their victory. Mistral prepares another Infinite Whirlpool and with some encouraging of his friends, Saharu stands up and uses Fire Dragon Flame Bullet, weakening the whirlpool. Saharu jumps into the Whirlpool but with a final attack, his strongest Flame Saber while entering Inferno Phoenix form. Mistral tries to gather more water but she runs out. When the steam clears up, Saharu is barely standing and Mistral is down. Saharu claims victory and everyone is shocked. The Fatals recover Mistral and cannot believe that they lost the first round. Zolagets angry, and tells them to win the next fight. Next up, Masai fights Krystal. She jokes with him and teases him but he just stares at her. The fight starts and they run at each other.

87 "Breaking the Ice!" July 9, 2011

Masai dodges Krystal and her tricky and sly icy tricks as they fight on the Frozen Pond Field. Masai uses Spirit Punch on the ice, breaking it and Krystal dodges. Krystal then uses her Ice Darts and Masai dodges the attacks. However, he gets caught by one on the leg. Laxus gets worried but Kai tells them not to worry. They all wonder why and he tells them to keep watching. Krystal then beats down on Masai and kicks him nearly out of the ring. She mocks Masai and his fighting skills but Masai appears out of the water and his clone punches her in the face. Masai then reveals that she should have been more aware. Masai then gets up and takes the dart out of his leg. Masai uses his Nightmare Strike, destroying some of Krystal's ice darts. They then have a swordfight when Krystal creates her Brilliant Ice Sword.

They are evenly matched but Krystal kicks Masai and unleashes her Mystic Ice Storm, impaling him with seven giant sharp blades of ice. She believes to have won and walks away but Masai barely gets up and charges Krystal, she turns around and is hit with his 128 Points of Divinity. Afterwards, he uses his Energy Beam, defeating Krystal and claiming round two. Masai drops, explaining he redirected the spears with his chi so not to hit a vital organ. Krystal gives Masai her respect and as the team takes Masai to get healed with him coughing up blood, Kai smiles. As Yugi takes Krystal back to the Fatals bench, she thanks him & overthinks her opinion of the Chi Warriors. Krystal apologizes to her team and Vulkna believes it to be no sweat. Zola however is getting angry. The next match between Kai and Absol begins with the two staring off.

88 "Absol's Tactics: A Meditative Battle" July 16, 2011
They stare at each other and Vulkna tells her to finish Kai quickly. Krystal however states that that won't happen. She wonders why and both her and Mistral explains that while facing the other two, they learn that they fight as one and that their spirit is far greater than anything ever seen before. Zola then tells them to pay attention. Kai and Absol begin to fight and it kicks off just like their last fight. Absol tells Kai to give up, saying he cannot win as she has some tricks she didn't show him the last time. But, he does as well. Kai eventually gains the advantage when he removes his gloves, dominating the fight. Kai knees her in the stomach and then kicks her in the sky as they fight in the Aura Arena. Afterwards, she catches herself and she witnesses Kai entering his Torrent Seal Stage 1. He then beats down on Absol, with the Chi Warriors cheering on. After Kai blows her to the other side of the arena, Yugi compliments him. Saharu then says that they will win. Zola however laughs at them, saying that they are about to find out what Absol is really made of. Absol begins to get serious and starts meditating. Kai is curious as to what she is doing and asks. She says that his defeat is coming. He then says that they'll see.
89 "Yugi Foils: Kai's Infinite Torrent Wave" July 23, 2011

Kai prepares to attack her, but cannot and is being bombarded with psychic attacks. He is being crushed and beaten by Absol. She then traps him in her telepathic mind. Kai leaves his body and becomes a spirit inside of Absol's mind. She questions him, wondering why he hangs around his team when he much rather be alone. He then asks her as well. She explains that she has come to like her friends but has been a loner her whole life. She then believes that this is the reason behind him as well, believing him to fear befriending his teammates. She then nearly destroys his mind and spirit using her powers and her Sacred Mark glows and uses Transect Momento, overtaking Kai's body and destroying it from within. Kai angered at this, becomes enrgaed and Absol realizes that they are alike and that Kai's spirit is far greater than most people's.

Before anything else happens, Kai breaks out of the attack and rips his scarf off and enters Torrent Seal Stage 2. The whole arena lights up and a 80 foot wave is summoned. Kai activates his Demon's Eye & comes up behind Absol and increases the wave to 800 feet. He launches his Infinite Torrent Wave on her, hitting her directly. Afterwards, the stadium floods but clears out thanks to Mistral. Kai brings Absol to the Fatals and she wakes up and thanks him. He powers down and takes his scarf and gloves and leaves the stadium. Zola and Krystal wonders if she is all right and Vulkna steps up to fight Laxus. They insult one another and soon enough, the fight commences. Krystal however figures out that Kai had not went all out with that wave as he could have not only flooded the city, but he didn't kill Absol, wondering why.

90 "Spiral Lightning!" July 30, 2011

Laxus uses his Thunder Arrow, but Vulkna stops it easily. She then traps Laxus in her Fire Spin once again, and unleashes her Blazing Gigs Turbo. Laxus however is able to recover fast enough and elbows Vulkna. Soon they trade punches and enter h2h combat. Vulkna then uses Dragon Fire against Laxus' Young Lightning. The two run at each other but Vulkna gains the advantage and Zola tells her to give it her all. Yugi then states that Zola is starting to cheer her teammates on. Zola insults him and disregards what he said, he simply smiles. After a beating, Laxus believes himself to be too weak and enters his Glaring Zapdos form and his eyes goes from blue to cool gray. He activates God Eyes and manages to react easily to Vulkna's attacks.

Eventually, he kicks her into the air and ends her with his Spiral Lightning. Vulkna is unable to move and Yugi calms Laxus down. Laxus sits down and Yugi takes Vulkna to the bench. Zola then evilly smiles, saying that if they win even one match, then they win the whole tournament. The Chi Warriors gasp and soon, the final match starts. Yugi charges Zola but she uses Graceful Rock Crater, pushing Yugi back and keeping him on the defense. Yugi kicks Zola but she covers his leg in rock and tosses him to the ground. He barely gets up but jumps, dodging Zola by a margin. As he prepares to descend, Zola jumps up, preparing to finish Yugi off.

91 "Dragon Sense" August 6, 2011
Zola knees Yugi but Yugi ducks the punch coming his way. He then uses his Cyclone Whirlwind, sending Zola to the ground. However, Zola wasn't hurt from the attack and uses her Rock Collision up against Yugi's Razorwind. An explosion comes and everyone wonders what had happened. All they see is Zola but Zola frowns when she finds Yugi still up. He then uppercuts Zola and uses his Phantom Hurricane, drilling her into the ground. They all believe Yugi to have won but the girls wonder where Zola is. Yugi wonders where Zola is and she comes out of the ground with her Sacred Mark glowing, summoning her Solid Terra-Titan form. Yugi turns around and he is grabbed and thrashed. She then uses her strongest attack, Magnitude Garom. Yugi is down on the ground with a broken left arm. He barely gets up only to be kicked back down to the ground. Zola then mocks Yugi and prepares to claim victory.
92 "Keep the Chance Alive" August 13, 2011
Yugi enters his Meditation State but is still no match for Zola and her powerful Magnitude Garom. She executes three more, setting off a chain reaction in the Battlefield Arena. Zola uses her Magnum Earthquake, overpowering Yugi, and nearly killing him. Kairi wants them to take Yugi out of the fight, as he is in a bloodbath. Laxus however shouts out to Yugi, telling him that he cannot win, if he doesn't let go of holding back, saying he needs to give everything he's got if he hopes to win. Yugi taking this to heart finally submits to his Spirit Beast's power. His Sacred Mark glows Red and he transforms into his Super Dragoon State. Everyone is shocked, even Kai who is shocked to see Yugi's full strength once again. All of the Fatals didn't put into account this and Yugi finally creates a raging storm that causes floods and storms. Yugi then uses his Phantom Tornado, defeating Zola. The Chi Warriors are the winners and the Fatals congratulate them, saying that they are the stronger team and fighters. Yugi thanks them and they shake on it. A moment later, the wall blows up and the remaining Rare Hunters offers Yugi and his friends the chance to stop them.
93 "Village Besieged: The Rare Hunters End!" August 20, 2011

With the sudden appearance of the Rare Hunters, Yugi and the others plan to stop them. The Femme Fatals offers to help them but Masai brings up that they need to rest more than them. Realizing this, each member wishes them luck and the Chi Warriors leave. Yugi heads off to find Abassi, the Rare Hunters leader meanwhile, the others go searching for the remaining four Rare Hunters. Kairi finds Kozack & after a brief fight, she uses her Iron Gate Seal, crushing him. Masai finds Osai destroying villages and taking captive of a family. Masai tells him to let them go but he does not. So, the two fight for a bit but when Osai tries to slash him, Masai dodges and and uses his Spirit-Hand on his heart, killing him. He then saves the family and leaves. Laxus heads back to Gatokage, which is still flooded.

He then finds Sissila and she squirts him with water, decreasing some of the little chi he has left. He attacks her and kicks her in the face. He then punches Sissila in the stomach but she wraps around him, preparing to throw him. He howevers lunges her into the water. Sissila insults Laxus as she is in the water but he uses his Lightningrod into the water, electrocuting the water, and killing her in the process. Ragnarok beats up on some guys and then charges at them but Kai comes in and stops him. He fights Ragnarok and Ragnarok uses his Lightningrod against Kai's Water Vortex. They continue their fight with both trading punches. The fight ends with Kai walking away from Ragnarok. Ragnarok gets angry and prepares to give chase until Kai tells him that another challenging opponent will face him. He asks who and Saharu shows up, preparing to get his revenge.

94 "Ragnarok's Last Stand" August 27, 2011
Ragnarok taunts Saharu, stating that he is nowhere near his level. Saharu taunts him back and the two clashes. Saharu uses his Fire Bullet, but Ragnarok's Spark counters that perfectly. Ragnarok uses Lightningrod, nearly fracturing Saharu's arm. He then kicks Saharu to the ground. He laughs, saying that Saharu is still too weak. Saharu then gets up and knees Ragnarok in the stomach and then uses his Fire Dragon Flame Bullet. Ragnarok is shocked and unable to block the attack. He ends up on the ground, telling Saharu to kill him as a Rare Hunter would. Saharu however doesn't, proving to Ragnarok that he is no longer a Rare Hunter. Everyone meets up and follows Yugi. They find him and Abassi talking. Kairi cheers Yugi on and Laxus believes that once Abassi falls, the Rare Hunters do too. Yugi promises to stop Abassi but he brushes this off and prepares to do battle with Yugi. Before Yugi attacks, the Femme Fatals comes in, cheering Yugi on as well. With all his friends there, Yugi attacks Abassi, initiating the fight against the leader of the Rare Hunters!
95 "Powers of Hell: Abassi Leads" September 3, 2011
Abassi takes lead in the fight by uppercuting Yugi in the face. Yugi however rebounds and headbutts Abassi. He then uses then uses his Cyclone Whirlwind, sending Abassi through a wall. Yugi punches Abassi but he grabs his foot and smashes him into the ground. Abassi then uses his Judgment Wave, trapping everyone into Hell except for him and Yugi. However, Yugi had taken some massive damage. Abassi says that he can only rescue his friends by defeating him. Abassi tries to strike Yugi with his Dark Shroud attack. However Yugi counters it with his Whirlwind-Sonicboom. They cause many explosions and eventually, several villagers gathers around and witnesses the two clashing back and forth. Yugi then gets fed up and goes straight into his Super Dragoon Form.
96 "He Who Erases Life" September 10, 2011
Yugi begins to dominate the fight again but is stopped and tricked. Abassi gets him in his Dark-Symal Lock. He then plans to kill Yugi but first shows him how his friends are doing in Hell. He demands Abassi to set them free but he does not. Yugi then breaks out and and uses his Phantom Tornado, trapping Abassi in Hell and setting his friends free. Everyone thanks Yugi and the Femme Fatals tell Yugi that they are going to train real hard and meet up with Yugi and co. when they feel like they are strong enough to beat them again. Yugi wishes them good luck on their travels and they leave. Yugi then congratulates everyone on how much stronger they have gotten and swears that no matter what, they will always be the strongest! As they all go their separate ways, the Chi Warriors promise to meet again.

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