Mother Earth: Rebirth, commonly referred to as ME: Rebirth is the sequel anime series to the anime, Mother Earth. The series continues with Ginta Daisuke and his friends. However, the DM Gang have all retired from fighting during the three years since the defeat of Tragoedia/Relinquished. However, after a a confrontation with the Red Devils Gang, Ginta finds himself heading back into a live of violence and fighting. Things get worse when the DM Gang encounter the Spellbound Seven, as well as having to cope with the sudden death of a fallen close friend...

Main AntagonistsEdit

Arc Main Antagonist(s)
1 Zel (Spellbound)
2 Maniac Al, Monster Vomit (Great Train Robbery)
3 Greed Misiato (Twisted Realities)
4 Rufus/Deathborn X/Destroyer of Worlds (Destroyer)
5 Mobius/Possessed-Fukura (Isolation)
6 Yubel, Tragoedia/Relinquished (Nine Towers of Hell)
7 Zel/Zorc, Tragoedia/Relinquished (Roare of Darkness)

Episode ListEdit

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